Western Forms building systems and Provident Partners eclipse Micro Grid

…the ultimate definition of Sustainable Housing

Sustainable development is development, which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
(United Nations Bruntland Commission Report)

The Sustainable Housing Foundation added …the need to reduce the overall environmental impact during and after construction by:

  • Efficient use of energy, water, land and other resources
  • Protecting occupant health
  • Reducing greenhouse gases, pollution, waste and environmental degradation

Sustainable affordable housing to be effective must take on a long-term perspective to meet the above criteria. It must be based on achieving a cost effective housing structure at scale that is structurally sound, engineered to tight tolerances surrounding window and door openings, and energy efficient. It should be fast to produce and repeatable to deliver the greatest value. Also to be consistent with the above definition it should be self-sustaining in order not to draw upon precious resources that are in limited supply. Access to reliable energy is chief among the list of essential resources where grid access is either unavailable or power is in scarce supply. Basic energy for essential living –cooking, clean water, sanitation needs, and safety is fundamental to habitable conditions for an advancing society. Renewable energy- solar, wind, hydro are fast being recognized as viable substitutes for an ineffective grid and a better alternative to costly and environmentally damaging generators.


Western Forms and Provident Partners have forged a partnership offering an integrated, turnkey building and on-site energy solution. It employs advanced building technology honed over a 60 year history, coupled with a unique micro grid solution that incorporates a proprietary energy management technology, which out performs traditional solar installations. With proven credentials in the capital markets, the partnership is further able to help qualify projects for financing under public private partnerships, which favor leading edge technology solutions providing a long-term sustainable value proposition.

Western Forms pioneered the aluminum concrete forming technology for poured-in-place building systems used today. Builders and developers in 50 countries use the Western Forms technology to produce over 500,000 housing units annually. The forming systems allow for as many as 3000 cycles supporting large-scale projects. The Western Forms systems are time-tested with the most advanced assembly- disassembly process for faster production rates, and a design that delivers a high quality finished appearance thus reducing the costs in the finishing process. The industrialized assembly process minimizes labor, skill and cost and shortens the project completion timeline by 30% to 50%. The effective unit cost of the Western Forms technology can be in the range of 15% to 30% lower than traditional construction. Underlying the Western Forms systems is 60 years of engineering expertise that insures a safe, durable structure for many years to come.  

Under the aforementioned partnership Western Forms accommodates the integration requirements of the eclipse Micro Grid system to insure compatibility. The results are design and structural synergies that eliminate avoidable cost and improve the effectiveness of the micro grid system. There are three aspects of the eclipse system that are particularly conducive to sustainable housing. The first has to due with the unique concept of a “cluster design”. In this case multiple housing units (twelve or more) are arrayed in a cluster and supported with one set of operational control components. In doing so the equipment cost can be spread over multiple units lowering the effective capital cost for any one unit. A second equally unique feature is the ability to “pool” the power within a cluster thereby reducing the size of systems. The third is a data monitoring capability that tracks usage and insures the system is operating at peak capacity. It further allows usage to be billed through to the individual residents if desired to recover installations costs.

The performance based features of the eclipse system are the result of proprietary data driven software supported by a team with over 100 years aggregate experience in developing operating systems for utilities. The software is cloud based, allows for predictive modeling to insure the most effective use of available power, and can be adjusted remotely as needed. The highly efficient eclipse system can deliver solar energy at approximately a 33% to 50% lower cost of vs. a traditional system.


Western Forms in partnership with Provident Partners delivers leading edge sustainable housing technology solutions that can make a difference in facing the significant unmet housing needs around the world. It offers scale, a proven process at affordable costs, and long-term viability. It further aligns with the growing emphasis on renewable energy to provide a clean, healthy subsistence without damaging the environment. Finally the partnership can be a proactive force in helping to secure critical financing where the technology advantage can reinforce the interest of financing parties in supporting housing projects that are assured of long-term viability.

Please contact Robert Albus of Provident Partners should you have any questions or require further information.


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