About Provident Partners

Provident Partners focuses on the vision, strategy, and execution that is the underpinning of Corporate Business Development and long term value creation. A key aspect of the commercial development initiatives for client companies is based on leveraging an extensive network of strategic company relationships Provident Partners has established. In most cases this opens new verticals, accelerates development to gain scale, and proves to be cost effective as a catalyst for growth.

As former operators we also are realists and understand that capital acquisition may be a gating factor in financing future growth. Provident Partners offer a unique capability in helping emerging technology companies enhance their appeal to capital markets or strategic partners.


The firm has broad sector experience. However there is a specific focus on sustainability platforms to include:

  • Alternative Energy Solutions: Distributed Energy, grid tied or Island micro grid solution, featuring a proprietary energy management system that can reduce capital requirements by upwards of 30%.
  • Clean Water: New potable water sources from atmospheric water generation or patented solar powered deep well extraction to overcome growing global water crisis.
  • Waste to Energy: Permanent, emissions neutral system to convert hazardous and municipal solid waste into a supplemental energy source.
  • Health Care: Advanced medical devices and practices that provide sustainable health care without unintended consequences such as opioid addiction.


Bar chartWhat Makes Provident Partners different

1. Our Approach
We believe that an effective corporate development effort requires a holistic approach not just in developing the opportunity but making sure that the existing Corporate infrastructure is conducive to growth. A legacy financial structure may be appropriate to support a maintenance business but lack the capacity or flexibility to support an emerging growth business. Provident Partners focuses on building the foundation of a growth plan on the right financial structure which can then support incremental capital requirements. In parallel with the development of our business our approach also extends outside of the company in identifying external capabilities in the form of new business relationships, strategic partnerships and gaining access to additional markets to achieve greater scale and faster market penetration. Contingency planning is an integral component of a holistic plan which ultimately mitigates the execution risk inherent in any growth plan. In the final analysis it is the integration of strategy, vision and execution which makes for a successful corporate development plan.

2. Experience
Experience matters! Our team of principals and advisors have extensive operating as well as financial experience covering more than ten industry sectors and twenty five public and private companies. We believe our operating experience provides a keen insight of the strategic implications for a business, the sustainability of the value proposition, and ability of the management team to execute.

3. Resourcefulness
We are realists in understanding that companies need to grow but at times do not have a strong balance sheet to qualify for third party financing. In our advisory capacity we look to identify untapped resources – technology licensing, strategic partnerships, distribution alliances which could be the basis of immediate affordable growth. Ultimately this can lead to a stronger balance sheet and the ability to take on outside financing in time.



When to Consider Provident Partners

Our “holistic” Corporate Development approach can be particularly beneficial for emerging growth companies in the following situations:

  • Companies with proof of concept looking to scale their business
  • Companies needing to redefine their value proposition
  • Companies looking to assess funding alternatives
  • Companies looking to source growth capital for the first time
  • Companies looking to be acquired
  • Companies looking for a strategic partner

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