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Case Studies Commercial Development

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Third World Community Infrastructure

While largely evident in emerging third world countries, substandard housing is at a critical stage. The World Bank reports that by 2030, 3 billion people will be living in such conditions representing a greater threat to welfare and political stability. The pace at which communities and housing can be developed is constrained if not prevented by an inadequate infrastructure that cannot meet essential power, drinking water and sanitation needs.

A “community infrastructure” package, which integrates technology from our portfolio companies to create a self-sustaining, scaleable, infrastructure. Full utilization will provide reliable electrical power distributed from renewable resources and a utility grade storage solution; pure drinking water; and a waste management system, which can convert waste into a variety of useful by-products, including electricity and fuel. The application of one or all of these technologies has the ability to enhance or completely support an otherwise unreliable regional infrastructure for growing populations.

Components include:


  • Distributed Generation- Solar, Wind, & Fuel Cell
  • Advanced Power Management Services- Bi-directional power management unit capable of automatic load shedding, demand management, demand response, distributed generation management, storage management and microgrid energy balancing. Provides increased resilience, reliability and efficacy to a micro grid and utility operational integration of distributed generation with storage.
  • On Demand Power Storage- A unique battery chemistry providing a greater number of charge cycles and depth of discharge.
  • Atmospheric Water Generation- 99.9% Pure Drinking Water generated from ambient moisture in the atmosphere.
  • Waste Destruction- with NO adverse effect on the environment, human safety, or the surrounding resources.



Micro Grid Structure, for Existing Systems

The increasing cost of electricity, inability of existing grid assets to manage increased demand, and mounting concerns of resiliency with the experiences of recent natural disasters, cultivates an unreliable picture for the future of our existing infrastructure.

A multifaceted micro grid package of high performance sustainability technologies. This integrated system provides cost reduction, greater resiliency, and a seamless interface with the existing grid.

Micro Grid Components Include:

  • Distributed Generation – Solar, Wind, & Fuel Cell
  • High Power “Smart Grid”- Interlinking energy management synchronizing source and uses
  • Battery-  Extended life storage (proprietary battery) to prioritize utilization and lower costs

Our solution provides the ability to integrate multiple technologies and locations to a dedicated system

  • Proprietry renewable energy source 2x more effective then conventional systems
  • Discretional and seamless use of the grid when available or as warranted
  • Operational resiliency for extended periods of time
  • No upfront capital requirement and lower ongoing operating expenses

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